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In the beginning, party dresses were strictly formal gowns. They were worn by women of status or privilege to exclusive events. In fact, one of the first party dresses was the mantua, which was a loose-fitting gown that was worn with a petticoat. It became popular with the beau monde in 18th century France, where it was the only party dress women wore at Court, i.e., in the presence of a monarch.White dresses can be worn almost as easily to day events too. While people may feel that it is too muted, it can be quite ideal for something like a day event, especially when in summer. It is the ideal summer colour, so ensure that you proudly flaunt your whites, no matter what style it is cut in.

It is usual to get a last minute invitation for some party which you will not wish to miss at any chance. It is pretty difficult to rush to a store then and search for some cute party dresses for the occasion for under tension you might not find any thing good or might not like any thing you see. It is not that easy to get a cute party dress that will suit you very well at the last moment. You will be spending so many hours shopping for that dress but will find it tough to find any thing that is even satisfactory and no woman will wish to look some what okay in any social gathering they love to attend.

For people who are short it is always better to choose bright colors than lighter ones for bright colors will give a slimmer look to you. It is also better to avoid large prints. A single color scheme will be the best or you can even use a mixed shade for your short party dresses. Best option is to choose a fabric which is soft and flowing and in a single tone for such a dress will give you slender look. Thick and heavy shades will not suit people who are short in size. ABest fabrics for you are polyester, georgette, chiffon and silk. Try these tips and you will be called the party queen.