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Questions? We can answer that.

How long is the campaign going on?
April 1-30, 2012

What exactly are you collecting?
Socks n' Skivvies, of course! Acceptable donations of NEW packages of infant, child or adult socks and underwear of any kind for boys, girls, men and women. This includes but is not limited to long johns, baby socks, trouser socks, thermal or wool socks, knee socks, ankle or athletic socks, boxers, boxer briefs, men's briefs, women's underwear, and little boys and girls underwear. Other acceptable donations include diapers of all sizes and women's sport bras of all sizes.

Why collect only new socks and underwear?
Although some thrift stores and other outlets that provide clothing for people in need do accept used underwear and socks, even people who need them are hesitant to accept them. They don't like the idea of putting on someone else's intimate apparel. Also, many people don't think about donating these items. They throw them away, instead.

Where can I leave my donation of new, packaged socks and/or underwear?
This year (2012), you can drop off your Socks 'n' Skivvies donations at:
Your Wellness Connection
River City Stuio
Market 3
and Wilks Broadcasting.
Get directions to all locations here.

What if I'd rather give a cash donation?
You can donate through this website using your credit card, or you can send your check to Socks 'n' Skivvies, c/o River City Studio, 116 W. 3rd St., Kansas City, MO 64105. Please make out your check to Mid America Assistance Coalition and note Sock n' Skivvies in the memo line.

How can I be sure my donation will actually help people in need?
All clothing and money donated to Socks 'n' Skivvies will be used to provide socks and underwear to people who need them. There are no administrative costs. River City Studio has partnered with the well–respected and trusted Project Warmth to ensure the clothing gets into the right hands.

What is River City Studio?
River City Studio is a full-service marketing firm located in Kansas City's historic River Market. The company has been in business for 25 years, serving clients throughout the region. Socks 'n' Skivvies is a public service program the company has developed to continue giving back to the community.