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About the Campaign

River City Studio has been committed to giving back to the community since its founding more than 25 years ago. The company works with many nonprofit organizations in the Kansas City metropolitan area to support a broad range of efforts to improve lives and make the city a better place.

The Socks n' Skivvies Clothing Drive came about during a photo session at Redemptorist Social Services Center for the Hall Family Foundation annual report. During a conversation with a Mission employee, River City Studio Creative Director Lori Bennett learned that new socks and underwear are the most needed and least often donated articles of clothing.

"It was an ah-ha moment," Lori says. "We knew right away that this was a problem we could help do something about. It was a cause our entire company could get behind."

The "ah-ha" moment led to Socks n' Skivvies and a partnership with Project Warmth, with whom River City Studio has a long relationship. Although Project Warmth focuses on helping people during the cold months, the organization agreed to manage distribution of the clothing and cash donations. All donations from Socks n' Skivvies will be used to provide these articles of clothing to people who need them.

The Salvation Army, through its affiliation with Project Warmth, is donating warehouse space to store the clothing prior to distribution.

Plans call for Socks n' Skivvies to become an annual event, says River City Studio President Christel Gollnick. "This month-long drive fits our values and our culture on several levels. It is a fun way for our whole crew to give back to the community in gratitude for the work we have," she says. "We hope to see Socks n' Skivvies grow and help people in need."